Margot has given keynotes and workshops about Sawbonna at universities, colleges, high schools, native communities, businesses, healing and spirituality centres, homeless shelters, women’s centres, community service groups, criminal justice advocacy groups, victims’ organisations, remand centres, and prisons across North America. She has also collaborated and taught online in various countries around the world, including Greece, Australia, England, and Spain.


Her style is personal and moving. She uses her own story to address how to identify and question the values of: respect, responsibility, resiliency, and relationship. She speaks about how these values are woven in the private, the public, and the political landscapes. Each presentation she offers is tailored to the focus and timelines of her audience. Based on the objectives of the client, the following themes can be incorporated:

Embracing Change

  • Looking outside the box for creative solutions
  • Believing “better is possible”
  • Maximizing courage – confronting fear
  • Experiencing and celebrating the Eureka Moments

Evolving and Growing

  • The power of passion and choice
  • Honouring boundaries
  • Maintaining the momentum and staying the course
  • Thriving through change and adversity


  • The myth of us versus them
  • Integrating personal aspirations with team power
  • Fostering a shared vision
  • Valuing varied voices & embracing the richness of diversity


  • Leading from where you are – personal leadership
  • Being and living our potential
  • Performing versus conforming
  • Recognizing, giving and accepting support

“Margot Van Sluytman speaks with beautiful emotion to audiences about the loss of her father to violence and her journey to find peace. In sharing her vital voice, she is honest, passionate, and heartfelt. Margot’s spirit is proud and triumphant; and her compassion for all people shines brightly.”
Heidi Illingworth, Executive Director of the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime, Curriculum development and part-time professor: Victimology Graduate Certificate Program at Algonquin College 

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