Here are a few articles and interviews about Sawbonna and Restorative Justice.

CBC Ottawa Morning:

Sawbonna: On Meeting the Man Who Murdered Her Dad

CBC Television Interview:

Margot Van Sluytman & Glen Flett  (Starts at 1:12)

Macleans Magazine Article:

A Murderer, His Victim’s Daughter, An Unlikely Bond

Master’s Thesis:

“Sawbonna: Justice as Lived Experience”

University of Alberta:

Poetic Justice-Re-Storying for Resilience

Sawbonna: Imagination, Intuition, and Themis’s Compass:

(A response to James Hollis, who both read and commented on my book about meeting and sharing potent connecting with the man who murdered my Dad).

Living Library, CBC:

Planetary Spirit Interview: The Other Inmate:

CBC Living Out Loud:

Sawbonna starts at 10:05

University of Alberta: Poetic Justice-Re-Storying for Resilience:

Women’s Words and Poetic Justice on CBC, Daybreak Alberta Today:

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